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8 easy ways to transition your home from Winter to Spring

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  • 8 easy ways to transition your home from Winter to Spring

Spring is on its way and we’re excited to help you create a kitchen that embraces the new season! It may not exactly be time to pack away the heavy blankets and clean up the fireplace yet, but there are other small changes you can do to your home for a feeling that has a more Spring feeling. 


It’s In The Details

It’s all about the details when it comes to moving your home from Winter to Spring. Swap out your textured pillows for more lightweight ones, switch your candle scents, and opt for light and bright hues that add pops of colour.



Florals are a Springtime must! Whether you’re adding fresh flowers to certain corners of your home or going for floral patterns, they bring a fresh look to any home. 



As the seasons change, it’s time to embrace greenery! Houseplants are a simple and easy way to instantly transform your home into a Springtime sanctuary. Add hanging planters to elevate your space and use lush plants in your kitchen.


Colour Changes

Brighten up the mood and your home with colours that reflect the new season. Move away from any moody hues and switch to neutral shades that still keep with your home’s look and feel – Beige, sage, dusty pink, and soft blues are ideal. 



Slipcovers are one of the most budget-friendly ways to transform your home without investing in new furniture. Have various shades that you can switch out with the seasons that will bring a sense of new life to your home. 


Dining & Kitchen

Besides transforming your living spaces and bedrooms, give your dining space a new look too. Incorporate colourful cookware, linen tablecloths, and neutral dinnerware. And of course, fresh flowers in a vase. 


Rug Switch 

Rugs have the ability to instantly transform your room! Consider switching out your thick winter rigs for ones that are made from natural fibres to give your home a fresh Spring ambiance!


Embrace Natural Light

Springtime brings more natural light and we need to maximise this. Remove heavy curtains and blinds and replace them with lightweight fabrics that allow sunlight to filter through. 


Springtime welcomes a fresh perspective and our homes need to reflect that. Contact one of our showrooms if you’d rather welcome in the new season with a home renovation or remodel: https://www.easylifekitchens.co.za/showrooms/


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